"Cedar is not only a wonderfully talented videographer and editor, but they are also a highly creative and supportive artist. They always help me to become more clear about my vision for each project." - Miriam Peretz, Dancer, Client


bring your project to life
I listen deeply for the essence of your project, organization or business and support you in sharing that magic with your audience through photos and/or video. I've worked with nonprofits such as At The Well, the Starr King School for the Ministry, and the Jewish Studio Project as well as numerous entrepreneurs, artists and healers. Collaborating to share your story in a compelling, professional and visually stunning manner that draws in your ideal clients brings me deep joy. 

"Working with Cedar felt easy and we really appreciated the genuine care with which they approached the job. In addition to our community being impressed by the quality of her videos, Cedar was a true professional to work with behind the scenes. They went above and beyond in the creative/collaboration process, taking the necessary time and care to ensure that we got what we wanted, by the time we needed it. They seem to have a knack for making their subjects feel comfortable...Now we are proud to show off their videos, which do a great job of communicating and advancing our organization's mission." -Matt Violet, Starr King School for the Ministry, Client

"Cedar really helped capture and communicate the essence of my work in a beautiful and concise way... and our time together was full of depth and laughter." - Mo Washburn, Integrative Bodyworker, Client

"...What really impressed me was their clear understanding and appreciation of my work, and their excitement to capture it and share it with my audience. The whole process was supportive, flexible, and quite interesting. Cedar's skill set really met my business needs..." - Marc Gelfo, Music Star Games, Client


We offer videography and photography for weddings, births, end of life and funerals, b'nai mitzvot and other coming-of-age rituals, and more. Cedar is in the advanced level of training as a Kohenet, an ecofeminist Jewish ritual leader, and is available to support clients in a variety of ceremonial settings including crafting their own rituals.

"Cedar knew exactly what questions to ask to produce a video that feels as real as the best memories of our wedding day. We couldn't believe how much footage they sorted through to tell the story using only the perfect details. They were very organized and got amazing footage from everyone we asked for, and they captured the key moments of our ceremony with care and heart. Every guest who spoke to her told us how much they loved Cedar, and we loved her, too! They're sweet, conscientious, creative and attentive, and we are so grateful they were part of our wedding." - Jon Mitchell, Client


Cedar is available for collaboration as a photographer/videographer, dancer, musician and ritualist.

They are particularly passionate about creating work around queerness, ecofeminism, alliances between Jews and Muslims, somatic-based healing, earth-centered ritual, ancestral reverence practices, cultural repair, indigenous land rights, and food justice.

"Cedar has an innate ability to not only direct the shot they want but also let the magic of the moment weave through.  They hold a great deal of trust within themself and in knowing what the final outcome of a project will be, which is a huge asset to the artists that they film. They are a deep soul with a powerful presence and a refined talent that speaks for itself."
-Ra-be, Medicinal Hip Hop Artist, Creator of Tap the Flow 24 Series, Collaborator

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