Kohenet Rivka 'Cedar' Ranney

שואבת תרומות לתשובה הגדולה
Sho'evet T'rumot l'Tshuvah HaG'dolah
One Who Draws Forth Gifts for the Great Turning

Cedar began training as a Kohenet, or Hebrew Priestess, in January 2015 and received ordination in July 2018.

Kohenet is an ecofeminist Jewish ritual leadership program offering a clergy path rooted in womxn's wisdom, practices and values. Cedar is passionate about re-membering ancestral magic while participating in an evolution of Jewish practice toward greater inclusion, justice and spiritual empowerment. She creates liturgical and experimental music, facilitates one-on-one and communal rituals, and helps individuals and organizations discover their gifts and share their stories. Cedar continues her learning through a movement-based expressive art therapy program at Tamalpa Institute.